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2004-05-30: Pictures10
Distance today: 0.0 km (Accumulated: 6460.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Tatarsk; 10. restday called by Alexander(website
"Principles" - 3.rule).

Two days ago we decided that 7 days was the maximum time we could stay as
guests of the Sport Committee of Tatarsk.

This small city is overwhelming frindly - offering us hotel room,
restaurant meals and all services - as well as takes interest in our run
and generel wellbeeing.

But as Alexanders hospital stay requires us to stay 13 days in Tatarsk, we
have chosen to spend the last 6 days at a friend of Alexanders, as it
would not be correct that we recieve so much help when the towns money is
needed badly for its own population and sportsmen.

However the change is far from to the worse!
We now stay at the appartmen of the lovely babuska "Soya"(the mother of a
former bank collegue of Alexander) and she cares for us as if we were her
very own children; while we do the best we can to contribute a little bit
to the household.

In the house of Soya the food is allways good and pleanty, and the amount
of food and dishes appears to be endless!!
The cold and sparce Siberia: No, No :-))

On todays gps pictures you can see some portraits of Soya in front of her
house on uliza Komsomolskaya - and from the daily "wait day jog" (Kazuka
20km., 2h.; and J. 40km., 4:00:05h.).



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