World Run Lecture

World Run Lectures

Impressions & analysis with video, slides, equiptment and examples from the first documented run around the Earth.

Including the story about how the great "impossible" became very possible..

All seen both from the eyes of a mr. everybody which happened to be setting a world record. And from the perspective of a scholar of International Politics (master of political science, bac. of law, University of Copenhagen).

Usual subjects may include:

a.Athletic Club lectures. Focus on the fysical challenges and joy (!) of running around the Earth, injury prevention and everyday mental-motivation methods.

b.Business lectures. Focus on planning for the known and unknown, multi-cultural group-dynamics, adjusting to different cultures & contries (global networking) and mental motivation in long term planning facing 'impossible' goals.

c.Recreational. Focus on the cultural experienses & highlights of the natural experienses in winter Scandinavia, across Siberia, Japan, the Australian desert by summer and the Canadian Rocky Mountain.

- All with slides and video-clips to illustrate. CD w. pictures and slideshow included.


Open for negotiaton. Usually basic travel costs plus 1500$.

Fee goes towards the next world run.

Contact: Jesper Olsen, @:, cell: (+45) 306 376 88.

Route - Overview

Start in London Part 1 - Europe Part 2 - West Russia Part 3 - East Asia Part 4 - Australia Part 5 - North America

Click on the route on the map, to view detailed description of each part of the World Run. Here you can find all the stages of the World Run which was completed from 01.01.2004 to 23.10.2005.