World Run - Event Calender

Our event calender consist of:
A) The race scedule for the preparation year's, 2002 & 2003.
B) The main timeline for the World Run itselves, 2004 - 2008.
C) The outline of the World Run training Camp, 2002.

2003 Race scedule

January: Winter testing of equiptment.

April: IAU 100km European Championships, Moscow.

May: Training camp in Russia & stage race Kazan to St. Petersburg, 1500km.

Autumn: Copenhagen 6-day Race, August 3-9.

Winter: Preparations for the World Run start in January -04.

2002 Race scedule

1) The 24-3 2002 Jesper participates individually in the 11. Fila Eschollbrücker Ultra-Marathon of 50km. He aims for a top 3 placing

2) From monday the 20-5 2002 to sunday the 9-6 2002 we perform a '50km a-day' training camp in Copenhagen, Denmark with media coverage. We are invited to run the Copenhagen Marathon sunday the 26-5, where they will make a special route for us to make it 50km. There are about 6000 runners in the marathon.

3) The 22-6 2002 Alexander participates individually in the St.-Petersburg "White nights" marathon.

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Basic timeline of the World Run

1-1 2004: Start from Greenwich Village, London; U.K.

Winter - Spring 2004: London to Moscow

Summer 2004: Moscow to Vladivostok, Russia

Autumn 2004: Japan and beginning of Australia

Winter 2004: Australia & the Australian 6-day race in Colac

Spring 2005: Canada to U.S.A., North America

Summer 2005: U.S.A., North America

Autumn 2005: Scotland, England.

31-12 2005: Greenwich Village, London.

For details please consult our route outline

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2002 World Run training camp, Copenhagen

19-05 to 09-06 2002.

1) Arrival of the runners: of May. Accomodation and 'welcome' !

2) Beginning of the training: Monday the May. The daily training will consist of 50km wich we cover some days in one training session of 4½ - 5½ hours, on other days it divided into two sessions.

3) Route planning for the World Run: Monday May - Saturday May. We will go through all details of the routes planned in the previous months and make the outline of the remaining stages.

4) Participation in Copenhagen Marathon: Sunday the of May. We are invited to participate free of charge in this scenic event of 6000+ runners running past the main landmarks of Copenhagen. We will have a 7,8km extra after the first 42,2 km to make it 50km. The organiser will kindly help us with this.

5) Test of equiptment (tent's, GPS-equiptment, babyjogger, etc.): Monday May - sunday June. We will at these last two weeks have base at Jesper's appartment in the green northern part of Copenhagen and conduct multiple days of outside overnights using tent for accomodation and babyjogger for transport of food and supplies.

6) A little 'good dinner & eating' for the runners: Saturday the of June.

7) Departure of the runners: Sunday the of June. (John stays for the World Challenge 100km in Belgium by the 21-6 - Alexander runs the St.-Petersburg "White nights" Marathon on the 22-6).

So far Edward hasn't been able to find time in his busy American race scedule for this trainingcamp - he is planning an ambitious attempt for in this summers Sri Chinmoy 3100miles (wich he has won two times before, once breaking the World Record on 5000km). Still we hope that he might find an 'opening' for this also :-)

Interested sponsors of the World Run training camp please contact the World Run coordinator here.

Pictures & reports from the Training Camp can be found here (press link)