Basic principles of the World Run

  1. The departure will be January the first, 2004 from the Oberservatory at Greenwich Village, London, UK.

    Link to the start-area

  2. The distance is one lap around the Earth of 26.000 km. The conciese description of the route will be made public as it's planned. There can be changes in the details, but the route needs to cover at least 4 continents and be continious except when travelling over water.

  3. The run is conducted as a group run and consists of runners from various nationalities. The World Run is completed when hopefully all, and minimum 2 of the runners has endured the entire continious distance together. If a runner is unable to move for more than 2 weeks the race is, sadly, over for this person.

    Ofcourse if there is one person left this runner can continue, but the aim is for the team to complete.

  4. The run will consist of daily sessions of approximately 46km; wich is to be covered individually by all runners. In case of obstacles beyond our reach the maximum time of non-running is 2 weeks. Transfer over water complies to this.

  5. Reliable documentation is essential for the projects integrity and will involve usage of electronic-equipment, participation in public ultra-races and athletic events en route as well as photo documentaion, log-books and independent coverage of the project. Further some high-level ultrarunners has agreed to run with us on long parts of the route.

  6. Sponsors and internationally acknowledged charity-organisations can be promoted during the World Run.