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2004-05-29: Pictures6
Distance today: 0.0 km (Accumulated: 6460.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Tatarsk; 9. restday called by Alexander (website
"Principles" - rule 3).

For the first day since his unfortunate injury, we saw Alexander walking
about outside the regional hospital where he is treated (see pictures !)

Now the progress seems to be firm and he decided to join us at supper to
escape the hospital and the many interested doctors for a few hours :-)

There of course was much to speak about, but the main thing was the good
feeling of once again having the team assembled.

Now he has just left to go back to the hospital, and will remain there
untill monday afternoon to recieve the last treatments.
He will then have untill wednesday to complete the last 15km. of his stage
and resume the running together with the rest of the team.

He has wisely chosen to run the missing distance monday evening and then
start with Kazuka and I on wednesday morning so he dont get 15km. + 55km.
(the next stage) in one day.

He and we will soon enough need all our strenght to begin catching up with
the days we now are behind!

Before we reach Vladivostock we will have to be at least 5 - 6 days faster
than planned so we can arrive in Japan for the adjusted route (Toyama to
Hiroshima; via Osaka - Kobe and Kyoto).

The rest of todays pictures are from a hot 40km. jog (4:00:02h.) that
Kazuka and I made with finish point at the calm Siberian river "Ob" -
whereafter we took a short cold swim to cool down from the 32C..
Yes! Siberia can be hot :-)

We had good support from our driver, Rachenka, who does all he can to keep
our spirits up during this difficult waiting time.



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