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2004-05-31: Pictures9
Distance today: 0.0 km (Accumulated: 6460.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Tatarsk; 11.restday called by Alexander(website
"Principles", 3. rule).

Alexander finished the Tatarsk stage(roadsign 977 on M51 - blue ssign
"Novosibirsk 554km, Tatarsk 4km" 500m. after roadsign 991 on M51).

14,5km., 1:32h.

Runner company by Andrei from the Omsk longdistance club "Cheribacha",
which means "Turtle", and Kazuka and I :-)

As you can see from the above, progress is finally beeing made!
After 10 days of massage, zone-terapy, vitamin injections, micro electric
stimulation, nerve blocades, diets and what not Alexander is out of
hospital and went allmost direct for the tarmac to make up the missing
His run looks ok, and I take it as a good sign that I needed 3km. to catch
up with him after fumbling with gps equiptment and missing his start
picture(the first gps picture thus is at roadsign 980).
But we of course have his start on video and optic camera as usual which
our excellent Australian contact, Phil Essam, will critically examine
during our run "down under".

A courios detail is that we during Alexanders stage met the german couple
Oli and Astrid who as it happens is BIKING around the world :-)
We had a short "roadside talk", exchanged advice and experiences and
learned that they started out from Berlin - in direction ... Berlin.
They have allmost the same course as us in Russia and and more info about
these friendly bicyclists can be found at !

Kazuka and I had the usual, but last :-), waitday-jog partly together with
Alexander and Andrei (J.: 10km., 56:40min. + 15km., 1:17h; Kazuka 15km.,



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