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Goto: 12004-05-03 12004-05-05 1Russia

Distance today: 50.0 km (Accumulated: 5781.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Blue roadsign "Ylotavoust 2km"(100m. before cross P329xE30
and roadsign 74 on E30) - Blue roadsign "Nova Zemma 2km" (exit to Nova
Zemma, roadsign 124 on E30).

50 km., 4:13:34h (J. and A.)

+12C, rain and light thunder at start. Shifting winds. Heavy rain at

Start 10:00am.(K.), 11:08am.(J.and A.)
Finish 15:40pm.(J.and A.), 15:53pm.(K.)

Today Kazuka startet 1 hour in front to help finish-logistics; an
unselfish decition that is typical for her in this run.
Allways helpfull in getting this small multi nation team working :-)

By the way we last evening saw 2 gray wolves taking a walk about 200 m.
from our tents in the white birch forrest.
I woke up at 1:30am. by the sound of something sniffling around my tent.
Don't know if it was them, but I decided not to check ;-)

Katzuka and Alex saw them again at sunrise.
If was them that inspired him I don't know, but Alex ran a very good pace
the first 40 km. with ca. 4:50 min./km..
I followed as best I could with muscles cold from rain.

I think its important to understand that allbeit I at times finish ahead,
its far from beeing a statement of strenght. Often its just a question of
what pace feels right and gives less injury risk - and with 20 years of 10
km. competitions (pb. 31:29 min.) behind , I in this run experience that
slow pace with no variation give more injuries.

But at our 12 h. competition in Finland Alexander was the winner, and when
we - hopefully - reach Colac and the Australian 5 days race I think he
will surprise again :-)
I have very seldom seen a runner overcome hardship like he has!



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