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Goto: 12004-05-02 12004-05-04 1Russia

Distance today: 30.0 km (Accumulated: 5731.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Kolkhos monument "40 days of October" (near roadsign 157 on
P329) - Blue roadsign "Ylutorovsk 2 km, Tymen 75 km, Ishim 222 km(100 m
before the cross P239 * E22).

30km., 2:27:00 h. (excl. stops).

+11C at start, no wind, overcast. Humid.
21C at finish.

Start 09:59 am.
Finish 12:36 (J), 12:46 (Alex), 13:10 (Katzuka).

Its a joy beeing beeing back in the tents!!
- we expected rain after the dense thunder air at the finish, but instead
we get an evening filled with birdvoices; making the "blue hour" allmost
The birdlife here resembles that of a big nature resort.
Besides the eagles, owls, swans, ducks and many small-bird species, we
today saw 4 cranes on the move during our run; a beautifull sight!

And even if we get rain its quite another thing to run and sleep in warm
rain than the cold winter rain we "enjoyed" at the first 1.000 km. in

At the evening "tent meeting" we look forward to Omsk where we are invited
to a 1/2 marathon.
This is shorter than our usual distance and total average of 50 km., so we
run the race on our restday there, the 16. May.

Further we have just got news that a Russian team of Moskva - Irkutsk
runners plan to meet us in Omsk.
And that a strong German ultrarunner possibly will meet us near Lake
-It gives us some near-horizon goals.
And that is vital for ultrarunners.
Staring at the far away finish point never helps;
be it 100 km., 24h., 6 days races or...The World Run :-)

PS: After the finish we to our surprise found a internet café in the
nearby city.
So here's a tip to travellers:
in Ylutorovsk there's 1$ an hour internet, with fast connex.
Nice to get news from family and friends :-))
We haven't seen them for many months now.



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