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Distance today: 0.0 km (Accumulated: 12802.0 km)
Country: Russia

2004-10-13. Rest day number 3. And the last in this round !

We departed early in the morning leaving a beautiful Russian sunrise
behind us as we were driven to Vladivostock Airport.

In the customs & passport control we had some slight troubles. Kazuka had
20kg overweight - to be duly paid for. I - ahemm - as usual had
visa-registration problems. Experienced the same last year when I visited
Russia for our final training camp (an 1800km relay race to check parts of
the route in Russia).

- In Russia it?s needed to have a hotel confirmation of your
accommodation, that is: of your presence, within the first 3 days in the
country. This confirmation is added to the visa/immigration card. Running
across the border and continuing to run ..and run..and run.. I obviously
didn?t get that registration.

This caused the passport police to raise the eyebrows considerably,
especially as I had entered the country some 7 months earlier ;-) !
Promptly a fine of about 500$ was issued. Then some talks. Showing of
official documents. Long explanations about the world run.

Then happened the same scene as last year: @The passport officer loosened
up in a broad smile, put aside the fine payment papers, refusing any
payment, and said as we were rushed through customs "Russia Love
Sportsmen" (!!!).

- I must say considering what we have met of help and kindness through our
entire Russian run - That is true indeed!! :-)

Goodbye Russia; and THANK YOU; ALL OF YOU!!!

Should a Russian sportsman/woman visit Europe may I wish that they?d be
given the same treatment :-)



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