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2005-10-14: Pictures6
Distance today: 47.0 km (Accumulated: 25879.0 km)
Country: Ireland

2005.10.14. [New Inn; white road sign on R445: "Dublin 70km" (R445 is
parallel to N7)] - [White road sign on R410: "Rathecoole 14km" (R410 is
parallel to N7)]. Ireland.

47km, 4:15:03h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops
Total 25838km

Start: 10:00am.
Finish: 16:04pm.

+07c, a few white clouds and light wind at start.
11c, grey overcast and same at finish.

A stage with splendid company which you can see from the on-line pictures
as I after 3 days of almost desperate work finally got working again.

It would have been such a letdown for me personally if the main
documentation system was to fail while approaching the very last stages of
the entire run. I excuse to my crew Tony Mangan, who probably has suffered
more than enough from my "Viking temperament".. While I was trying to find
and correct the problem - but documentation (and rather more than less)
has been one of the cornerstones of this run right from the very idea of
it !

The honour, though, for getting the live-pictures successfully on the web
as well as the gps-signals transmitted to the database during the run -
goes to Jacob from LifePilot who worked fast and effective in solving
this. Thanks :-))

The first 4 stages in Ireland were documented by the traditional way of
Guinness record documentation: photos from start finish and along the
route, signed logbook, witnesses from the course and company by other
runners whenever anyone if available to run with me.

Tonight, as well as yesterday night, we have been offered kind private
This night at Mel Hillard and family (whose kids has done their best to
entertain me while writing this report :-)

Besides easing the economical pressure of this run, accommodation provides
an insight in daily life in all the countries I have run through on my way
across four continents. And while becoming the first runner to do a proper
documented lap of running around the world is my main goal, the
enlightenment (!) of experiencing the different cultures and habits - and
friendship - has become increasingly important to me. A gift of daily
examples of how peaceful and friendly a world we live in despite the
images of conflict and war that we daily are presented with !

- Tony Mangans daily column will be added soon.
If not sooner then tomorrow when we hopefully reach Dublin :-)

{Tony's full report added sun.16.Oct:

Tony Mangan:

Friday 14th October. Rathcoole/ Punchestown cross.

This morning just after nine o'clock our host brought us back to
yesterdays stage end at New Inn.Today Jesper had 3 runners from the Irish
Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team Ambarish, Gary and Shane to run with. The lads
had taken the bus from Dublin and were very excited at the prospect of
running with the world runner. Gary offered to do some driving so I
managed to get some decent running in. We were having such a laugh and
went through the villages of Ballybrittas and Jamestown before we even
realised it.
We passed one elderly man crossing the road and when we told him that
Jesper was running around the world he said. " Oh! I see "as if that was
an everyday occurance.
I got back behind the wheel to let Gary do some more running. By now we
had crossed the county line into Kildare - a county famous for horse
breeding. Just as we came up to the Irish National Stud one of my club
mates, Mel Hilliard came along riding his bicycle. He was wearing our MSB
running club singlet. He jumped off his bicycle, locked it to a railings
and joined in. He had managed to have his car parked near the end of the
stage and would later give the Sri Chinmoy runners a lift to the station
at the end of the run.
I was back running again and noticed Jesper was getting stronger every
day. He doesn't seem to have much stiffness when he finishes and seems to
have exceptional recoveries from previous efforts.

The big news today was that after some frantic phone calls to his
technical people, Jesper managed to get his GPS system back working again.
His pictures can now be posted to his website within 2 minutes of them
being taken. So powerful is this system that it can even tell which side
of the road he is running on and what speed he is doing. It transmits
pulses to several satelites and can tell within a few seconds when he has
stopped moving.

As we came into the busy town of Newbridge, Mel mentioned that we passed
the school where his daughter Juliet went to school. Soon we were running
into her schoolyard and into the classroom!
The kids loved him and in his soft voice answered all their interesting
questions from diet to favourite country and did he meet any wrestlers to
the predictable ones about how did he get across the ocean and how many
pairs of running shoes did he wear out. The children cheered us from out
of the windows as we ran out of the schoolyard back onto the road. Later
at dinner in Mel and his wife Josephine's house it emerged that Jasper was
not asked for his autograph but Juliet was as she was the one who had her
dad bring Jesper to their class!
From Newbridge we ran on some secondary roads to Naas and our finish at
Rathcoole cross Just 1km from Punchestown

Jesper and I went back to Mel's house for the night where he and
Josephine had prepared an amazing meal and deserts for us.
We were later joined by Monika a friend of mine who helped keep everyone
in the picture as to the globetrotters progress while we were on the road.
After dinner we all viewed some of the world run photos, listening in
wonderment as he went from Siberia to the Australian desert to the
Canadian prairies.


Ireland schedule:

11. Oct. Arrival at Shannon Airport; West Coast of Ireland.

16. Oct. Dublin, East Ireland; East Coast of Ireland.

U.K. schedule:

16 Oct, Arrival from Dublin, at Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

17 Oct, 47.4km, Liverpool.
Start at the Harbour, West Coast of the UK.
Arrive, Duddon, Bulls Head Public House.

18 Oct, 101.2km (cumulative distances),
Arrive, Stoke on Trent.

19 Oct, 155.2km,
Arrive, Derby Service Area.

20 Oct, 206.6km,
Arrive, Kibworth.

21 Oct, 250.4km,
Arrive Kettering Travelodge (junction 13).

22 Oct, 303.4km,
Arrive Baldock travelodge - (roundabout prior).

23 Oct, 389.1km and 26 000km total,
Greenwich, London; at The Old Royal Observatory, the 0-Meridian Line of
the World.

- 85km at the final stage; last 40km along the old Polytechnic London
Marathon course. Expected finish at 14:00 hours Sunday.



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