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2005-10-05: Pictures15
Distance today: 23.0 km (Accumulated: 25654.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.10.05. -
. New Jersey.

23km, 2:12:07h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops
Total 25.613km

Start: 09:52am.
Finish: 12:51pm.
Time GMT - 6 hours

+19c, overcast and light wind at start.
25c, half overcast and same at finish.

2 days left of North America!

During todays stage I caught glimpse of the outskirts of New Yorks
gigantic massive of high rise and people.

Its hard to find comparison with the emotion: I have been on my way
across America for seven months; the USA & Canadian prairies, since
Februarys rainy run up along the West Coast - L.A., San Francisco,
Seattle, Vancouver. Across the high passes of the Rocky Mountains, two
lone months of running on the endless, flat, prairies. Down through the
friendly Mid. U.S. - and now finally; very finally. The last short days.

On this last continent of the run there has been times of exhaustion where
I thought I had gone past what was possible to recover from.

I am amazed by what I have covered. But mostly amazed by the help &
friendship I have enjoyed throughout.

Today it was Peter from Philadelphia who crewed & got me through another
stretch of running :-)

U.S. schedule:

04/10 Morristown

05/10 Irvington

06/10 New Jersey City

07/10 East Manhattan at the UN Building, New York City.

11. Oct. Arrival at Shannon Airport, West Coast.
16. Oct. Dublin, East Ireland.

U.K. scedule:

Arrival from Dublin, at Liverpool Ferry Terminal or at Liverpool Airport.

17 Oct, 47.4km,
Arrive, Duddon, Bulls Head Public House.

18 Oct, 101.2km (cumulutative distances),
Arrive, Stoke on Trent.

19 Oct, 155.2km,
Arrive, Derby Service Area.

20 Oct, 206.6km,
Arrive, Kibworth.

21 Oct, 250.4km,
Arrive Kettering Travelodge (junction 13).

22 Oct, 303.4km,
Arrive Baldock travelodge - (roundabout prior).

23 Oct, 389.1km and 26 000km total,
Greenwich, London; at the 0-Meridian Line.



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