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2005-09-30: Pictures20
Distance today: 35.0 km (Accumulated: 25525.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.09.30. - Oxford Rd. & Fish Hatchery Rd.>. Pennsylvania.

35km, 3:04:36h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops
Total 25.484km

Start: 09:52am.
Finish: 14:02pm.
Time GMT - 6 hours

+16c, a few clouds and light wind at start.
19c and same at finish.

- The 1968 Boston Marathon Winner!

Another great day where I finally picked up both pace and length of the
Yesterday I had an massage by Wes who is a friend of Lindas and that made
a great improvement on todays performance!

Linda, Kurt (a karate instructor) and Laura took turns at running with me
and as you can see from todays pictures we stopped by a local school where
all the children was waiting and cheering on along the road :-) The TV
had picked up the story and was there too and did a longer thing on it at
the evening shows.

Later on, during a very scenic run at the back roads of East Pennsylvania,
I was joined by
Amby Burfoot. Amby won the 1968 Boston Marathon and now works for
Runners World at their headquarters which I actually passed during the run
(didnt know they were located there, but a neat coincidence :-)

Amby has a pb. of 2:14 for the marathon so it was lucky that I had one of
the stronger days. We did around 8min/mile instead of the 10min/mile that
I usually do and had a great time. He is one of those classical marathon
runners which you can recognize far away as being of high quality even
before knowing their achievements: the distinct stride, posture, mindset.

- And definitely a great treat to run with a capacity like that. I asked
of how the race went the year he won and listening to the struggle to
throw off the other runners in that lead pack and battling it out on the
final hills with the last remaining was almost like seeing it first hand


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