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2005-09-01: Pictures9
Distance today: 32.0 km (Accumulated: 24787.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.09.01. - Old Lincolm Hwy.: "Entering Ashland County">. State: Ohio.

32km, 3:06h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops
Total 24.746km

(NB: The stopwatch time for the stage is not precise as the data was stored
in the cell phone which broke down the 2/9 - this report is send the 3/9.
The correct time will be posted as soon as the data is recovered).

Start: 08:54am.
Finish: 13:39am.
Time GMT - 6 hours

+22c, clear and light wind at start.
29c, overcast and same at finish.

Still some tiredness in the legs; especially in the upper front muscles as
well as some knee soreness. I try to keep the running style as smooth as
possible without any unnecessary "bouncing" motion in the stride, but as I
get more tired in the core muscles of the body it gets troublesome to keep
an optimal running style. Though; as long as I have the energy to be aware
the problem its not critical :-)

Else it was an pleasant stage with a few long hills. Much more of that
should be waiting down the road as I am slowly approaching the last
mountains of the run.

By the way my hardworking crew, Connie, and I were very kindly hosted by
"AmeriHost" motel with no charge. A very nice and friendly hotel/motel
chain which has even paid for my accommodation a few days back too! Thanks

Schedule to New York:

02/8 To: Wooster

03/8 E. Greenville

04/9 Canton

05/9 Minerva

06/9 Lisbon

07/9 East Liverpool

08/9 Cross of hwy. 30 # hwy. 18

09/9 Pittsburg

10/9 Wilkinsburg

11/9 Irwin

12/9 Greensburg

13/9 Ligonier

14/9 Stoystown

15/9 Bedford

16/9 Breezewood

17/9 Mc Connellsburg

18/9 Chambersburg

19/9 Gettysburg

20/9 Rest day

21/9 Abbotstown

22/9 York

23/9 Lancaster

- All the above on Highway 30.

24/9 New Holland

25/9 Reading

26/9 Boyertown

27/9 Allentown

28/9 Easton

29/9 Washington

30/9 Long Valley

01/9 Morristown

02/9 Irvington

03/9 New Jersey City

04/10 East Manhattan, New York City.

NB: At present I have a 3 day delay on the above schedule and the arrival
NYC probably will be around the 5. of October



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