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2005-08-31: Pictures10
Distance today: 21.0 km (Accumulated: 24755.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.08.31. "Bycarus"> - . State: Ohio.

21km, 1:51:50h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops
Total 24714km

Start: 08:59am.
Finish: 11:01am.
Time GMT - 6 hours

+17c, rain and medium wind at start.
21c, overcast and same at finish.

A short stage as I was concerned to make sure the legs/muscles recover
sufficiently after the intense tiredness the last stages. It seems to work
as I have regained a bit of energy already by now.

Also the heavy rainfall which started yesterday as a reminiscent of the
hurricane from down South had almost disappeared as I started and by now
it?s already clearing up.

As it often the case over here in the states the roads seldom have special
room for other traffic than cars which would have made it a bit risky to
run if the weather had been as bad as I expected. By the way it?s a bit
puzzling that a country that else has a very good infrastructure doesn?t
have room for pedestrians and bikes except in the largest cities. Quite
often people that I meet talk of the concern of overweight problems over
here, but I doubt that the lifestyle is that much less healthy than
elsewhere; only it obviously makes a big impact if you don?t get any
natural exercise on a daily basis - even if its just walking a mile or two
to the supermarket or taking the bike to work!

Coming from Europe its a very common part of the daily scenery to see lots
of bicyclists and walking people, but with the risk that would involve
here dodging cars and trucks I can understand that almost no one is
getting exercise that way - yet of course also the much larger distances
means that walking and biking is less of an option.

Schedule to New York:

01/9 To Mansfield

02/8 Wooster

03/8 E. Greenville

04/9 Canton

05/9 Minerva

06/9 Lisbon

07/9 East Liverpool

08/9 Cross of hwy. 30 # hwy. 18

09/9 Pittsburg

10/9 Wilkinsburg

11/9 Irwin

12/9 Greensburg

13/9 Ligonier

14/9 Stoystown

15/9 Bedford

16/9 Breezewood

17/9 Mc Connellsburg

18/9 Chambersburg

19/9 Gettysburg

20/9 Rest day

21/9 Abbotstown

22/9 York

23/9 Lancaster

- All the above on Highway 30.

24/9 New Holland

25/9 Reading

26/9 Boyertown

27/9 Allentown

28/9 Easton

29/9 Washington

30/9 Long Valley

01/9 Morristown

02/9 Irvington

03/9 New Jersey City

04/10 East Manhattan, New York City.

NB: At present I have a 3 day delay on the above scedule and the arrival in
NYC probably will be around the 5. Oct.



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