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Distance today: 0.0 km (Accumulated: 22627.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.06.12. [Winnipeg; monthly rest day - see,

Total 22586km.

Rest! :-)

I had a very enjoyable rest day here in Winnipeg, which struck me as being
very cosy city with many civil-initiatives going on: art-displays, charity
work etc.

In the good company of Helle & Frank Wilson who is my hosts here in
Winnipeg, I attended a brunch at the Danish Club. Many Danish, Norwegian
and Swedish settlers of several generations; good food from "back home"
and inspiring to for a moment not to be so long away from the old country

Also I got solved the problem with the worn out tires on the stroller by
friendly help of mr. John Markmann who insisted of buying and paying for
the tires and tubes as well as Lindsay Gauld from the Olympia Cycle & Ski
store in Winnipeg who gave generous rebate on the offer !

Further I had a chance to meet Jerod Fehr a young runner who is preparing a
run across Canada in one or two years from now. It was interesting to offer
some advice and see the enthusiasm that I remember once - long ago -
characterised my own planning... :-)

He expects to run the first part of tomorrows stage where there is
possibility of some TV-coverage so I can introduce him and get him on with
the first steps of the media and sponsor part of doing a run like that!!

Besides all this, Helle & Frank is doing a hard work setting up the next
part of the run with contacts etc. So far I have the following plan set:

13/6 Ste. Agathe,
14/6 Baptiste,
15/6 Emerson - CAN/US Border,

16/6 North Cote,
17/6 Donaldson,
18/6 Argyle,
19/6 Warren,
20/6 Euclid,
21/6 Crookston,
22/6 Climax,
23/6 Halstad,
24/6 Georgetown,
25/6 Moorhead.

- The expected arrival in Chicago will be 1.August and NYC 1.September.

Regarding mobile phone the there is the - now unusual - problems. The
stores didn?t have the models needed to process the gps signal via gprs, so
I will have to have one shipped in from Scandinavia. So: No pictures etc.
until Moorhead !

Until then there will be the traditional documentation by digital pictures
by the back-up camera, logbook and witnesses and hopefully some runners
join in for some of the stages. The reports most likely will be delayed.



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