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Distance today: 51.0 km (Accumulated: 22627.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.06.11. [Cross of Hwy.1 & Road 22 West, approximately 1km after green
road sign on Hwy.1: "Winnipeg 49km"] - [Winnipeg; cross of Grant Ave. &
Road, South West part of city].

51km, 5:10:13h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops
Total 22586km.

Start: 10:24am.
Finish: 17:06pm.
Time GMT - 7 hours

+19c, almost clear and light wind at start.
22c, overcast and same at finish.

- Runner found! :-)

Today, 20km outside Winnipeg I was "found" by Helle & Frank Wilson who had
known of my arrival (and of the troubles lately in arriving at the expected
date) and had driven out to look for a lost runner. What a relief!!!!

It has been a gruelling few days with many of the things that possibly
go wrong; actually doing so to full effect. Tomorrow I will post the
reports for the last days; for now it sufficient to say that I?m happy that
the run is still moving forward and that nothing has been missed or left
un-documented :-) But it was a fight if I ever experienced one.

Tomorrow will be spend in Winnipeg as the monthly rest day, attending a
brunch at the Danish Club and meeting with Danes, Canadians, runners and
enjoy being back in contact with my support teams which at present holds
much of the honour of keeping me running and thinking forward !

At today?s stretch I finally had good weather with some of the hottest
temperatures I have had in... hmm... 4 months. Not much of a summer so far
Meeting people as Helle & Frank and John on his bike (he is originally
from Bornholm in Denmark), already before I reached Winnipeg really put
the positive outlook back at a time where I have been struggling from hour
to hour to continue.

Not big things really, but the sum of getting a tire & tube puncture which
couldn?t fix, running with flat tires and 35kg luggage in gravel for much
the kilometres, loosing my contact to the team and my primary documentation
method (the gps-connected mobile phone), missing out on expected
accommodation to the benefit of muddy, rainy nights in the tent - with the
lead-weight feeling that 22 500km in the legs and body gives. As mentioned
not major obstacles, but at this point I think I was lucky not to have just
stayed in the tent and forgot about of the remains of the run... :-)

Well; its getting late and time for rest after a much enjoyable dinner at
Helle & Frank where I am staying. Long time since I had an opportunity for
long discussions of Siberian economy, Chinese democracy and Canadian and
Danish sociology amongst others. How I have missed to exercise that part of
the brain!



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