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Distance today: 36.0 km (Accumulated: 22663.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.06.13. [Winnipeg; cross of Grant Ave. & Fairmont
Road, South West part of city] - [Sainte-Agathe; cross of Hwy. 75 & Road

36km, 4:03:45h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops
Total 22622km.

Start: 10:54am.
Finish: 15:50pm.
Time GMT - 7 hours

+15c, overcast and light wind at start.
16c, overcast and medium wind at finish.

Bed & Breakfast !

Today?s run was a rainy run - no surprise there ;-) It was also mostly in
deep gravel, so no news there either. But the positive things were that I
had company on the first 15km by Jerod Fehr from Winnipeg who is planning
a Cross Canada run and wanted to get a close idea of what a run like that
is :-)

Also my excellent hosts for the last days, Helle & Frank, followed me by
car and after equipping me with excellent maps of the whole USA stages even
drove ahead and looked for accommodation at the finish point !

What they found was a bed & breakfast owned by Suzanne & Guy Gagnon (yes -
French names, the South Manitoba has many families which traces back to
France or the French speaking provinces like Quebec).

They has a very cosy house that in many ways makes me feel like home and
reminds of my parents house back in Denmark :-) Also they showed to be very
pleasant hosts and we had a long and inspiring discussion about Canadian,
American and European politics ! Also they have a good library which will
provide me with reading for the evening; reading being a thing that I miss
much as I can?t carry the extra weight of books with me during this lengthy

- On the bedside table lies J. J. Rosseau's Confessions alongside Canadian
Adventurers & the North West Passage, so I'll be catching up on the reading
there. ...Though Rosseau in French will be a hard nut to crack ;-)

The Bed & Breakfast of Suzanne and Guy I can much recommend and you can get
a closer look at ! Very nice home cooked
meals too :-))

PS: As mentioned yesterday, I expect to have the daily pictures back
online in the reports by the 25. June when I have a new special equipped
phone sent in from Scandinavia. My team back in Denmark is working hard on
that, which are the same persons who does the job of maintaining the



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