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Distance today: 0.0 km (Accumulated: 21982.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.05.25. [Moose Jaw; monthly rest day for May month, according to - principles].

Total 21941km.

- Chocolate; washing, and plans for Toronto - NYC - Ireland - London. Plus
a story of Moose Jaw and a Christmas cake!

Well; the above fairly accurately sums up the activities of my rest day
in Moose Jaw; plus a huge amount of joyful sleep an a comfortable bed
of course :-))

The plans:

- By help of my many local and regional contacts the following overall plan

from the Canadian prairies to London:

7/6 Winnipeg, CAN.
22/7 Toronto, CAN.
24/7 Border US-CAN.
14/8 N.Y.C., US.
17/8 Departure N.Y.C.

18/8 Arrival Shannon Airport, Ireland. (Flight).
20/8 Start Shannon, Ireland.
25/8 Arrival Dublin, Ireland.

26/8 Arrival Wales, U.K. (ferry).
26/8 Start Wales, U.K.

1/9 Greenwich, London; U.K.

The kilometres that corresponds with the plan should roughly be as follows:

Moose Jaw to Winnipeg: 587km.
Winnipeg to Toronto: 2020km.
Toronto to NYC: 850km.
Shannon to Dublin: 280km.
Wales to London: 350km.


But besides the planning today offered one of the rare occasions to catch
up with my emails. And that always brings encouragement, which is more
welcome than ever as I struggle a bit with getting through the last months
of this long challenge.

After reading the positive imputes that comes from friends met along the
route, I certainly have energy to "push for the last long stretch" across
that last continent. To give you an idea, a few examples:

- from USA:

".. Hi Jesper! I am following your adventure daily when I am here. Ralph
and I are gone for a week here and there--mainly around his trail-running
events. He is a trail runner and only runs trails and is very dedicated to
these goals. He recently finished a 50-miler run near San Francisco...
Your goal also is unique and very much admired. I so admire you and your
goals and your training and willing to stick with it all. You have been
running for a long time and I'm sure you often get tired and discouraged.
Whenever I'm home I daily check your log and pictures to see how you are
doing. I'm always rooting for you and wishing you well. Your pictures say
a lot. I can see how much people that will run with you and encourage you
are so important. I am looking forward to buying the book you will write
about your entire experience. Please do elaborate on the human part of
this-- on your part as well as those who rooted for you and wished you
well. From what I read, you've had fantastic support."

- From Tasmania, Australia:

"..Dear Jesper,
Only(!) 4000 k left! I can understand how difficult it must be. It is only
small distance compared with what you have done already, yet it is still a
distance that very few people could run. It always seems to get hard when
you are getting closer to the finishing line. You start thinking of the
finish and can hardly wait to be there. Perhaps you will have to forget
about the finishing line, but I am sure you know well what to do to keep up
your motivation. There is no doubt now that you will be the first man to
run around the world. What a historic achievement! We are both thinking of
you every day and are proud to know you. You are great!"

- From Port Augusta, Australia:

".. Jesper, I understand that you are having a hard time motivating
yourself at the moment but there are a lot of people around the world
keeping watch of your progress and willing you on, if only in spirit but
our thoughts are with you keep up the good work and all will be rewarded in
the not too distant future
Michael Hogg
Port Augusta Roadrunners Club
South Australia
(That Lions Christmas cake is still waiting for your return)

- So as you can see, my chances to read into the emails makes a huge
difference :-) THANKS A LOT FOLKS - If I make it back to London I owe much
of that to the help and encouragement that I have got along the road and
continues to get. You are the heroes of my run as far as I am concerned !

Story of "Moose Jaw"

- As promised yesterday I have researched a bit into the history of the
name of this city. Three explanations comes into question:

A) The shape of the river which runs through its territory; shaped like a
moose jaw (I cant see it, but ok... :-)

B) The location of the city is said to be a place where early settlers
repaired a horse cart with the bone of a moose?s jaw ! (I bit far out, I
recon... ;-)

C) The Indian word "Moosgaw" which means approximately "warm breezes". If
anything I have to go with this last explanation (at least I have
noticed a not exactly cold wind.. :-)

To balance this slightly unserious exploration into a city-name a bit of
historic information: In the 1920, with the ban of alcohol, Moose Jaw was
one of the prairies centres of gangster activity, hidden saloons,
distilleries, brothel activity along River Street and a favourite hideout
for infamous Chicago "gunmen" of that time. In modern times it has become
more known for its mineral spas, Kinsman Band Competition (more than 5000
folk musicians) and as a centre for exploration of the huge bird-watching
parks; for example near Chaplin which I ran through a few days ago!

(This info mainly thanks to the "Team Holger" back in Denmark, and a bit of
reserach here :-)

PS: The Christmas cake mentioned in the greeting above has a small history
to it - When I ran into Port Augusta near the Nullabor Desert, in the
middle of summertime of course... :-), it was December and around Christmas
time so naturally the local road runners club threw a barbeque !!! ;-)) We
had a great evening; I heard scary stories of the desert which lay ahead
(who had last died out there and that sort.. ;-) and had an enjoyable time
! One scary moment though, when the runners and family wanted to make me
feel 'European-at-home' down-under: they looked in the tool shed and found
a Christmas pudding from - if I remember right - a couple of years ago. And
encouraged me to not be shy but eat as much as I liked... Hmm, hard to
keep the viking pride there.. LOL !



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