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2005-05-24: Pictures22
Distance today: 61.0 km (Accumulated: 21982.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.05.24. [Yellow sign at side of Hwy.1: "11 + 19.63"] - [Moose Jaw;
cross of Hwy.1 & Highland Road at green road sign on Hwy.1: "Highland Road
->"].(The locations are also registered with gps. positioning as usual).

61km, 5:47:54h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops
Total 21941km.

Start: 10:18am.
Finish: 16:58pm.
Time GMT - 8 hours

+11c, grey overcast and heavy wind at start.
13c and same at finish.


This morning; wrestling with the prospect of yet another fantastic day
fighting the remaining distance, I suddenly realised that I hadn?t used my
monthly rest day :-) Ooh, that changed things slightly I can guarantee..

Instead of doing a planned 39-40km to Caronport, I got sufficiently
energized by the thought of rest that I decided to jog the way into Moose
Jaw (I will explain about the history of the name tomorrow ;-).

The decision seemed quite brilliant the first 45-50km until I got low on
fuel so to speak. After my unplanned stop out at the fields yesterday due
to the flat tire on the stroller, my supplies had gone low on food and
soft drinks during the evening and night meals. Result: Today?s food and
energy for the total day was: 50g. of chocolate, 6 small (but tasty !!)
chocolate biscuits + 1 litter of soft drink; to match with 61km.

Slightly groggy I made it to the finish - too low on blood sugar to grasp
the obvious idea of stopping and buying the necessary things at a gas
station at the outskirts of the city - and... result: I choose a finish
spot that rewarded me with an additional 25-30 minutes of running back
along a service road to the nearest motel. Great thinking there! ;-)

But it was well worth it actually; the motel I mean :-)

As you can see from the pictures there is some luxury waiting for the
rest day tomorrow, which will be spent with 10 - 12hours of sleep, visiting
the western prairie museum and doing some work on the Ireland, Scotland
and U.K. part of the plans. I have approximately two months ago received an
email from a very well established Irish ultra runner (world record holder
on 48hour treat mill running) who asked the obvious question: Why not
Ireland ?? - So here we go :-)

Also there is an internet connection at the motel; which means that I have
one of the rare chances to look into my emails. I am stunned by the warm
support I find there!!! Tomorrow I will give a few examples; for now it?s
sufficient to say that it means a LOT to me, as I am at this stage of the
run struggling very much with assembling the willpower and determination
to get through the last 4000km / 3 months. The first 22 000km is very very
heavily felt now; both in legs and mind.

The thoughts of home; the (seen from here, after 1 1/2 year of running: )
paradise-like virtues of daily routine; the not having to pack-unpack-pack
every day, meeting the same people more than once.. (I cherish much the
people I meet during this run, but the nature of things is that I have to
move on the next day, thus just getting an insight into an interesting
life, culture, opinion and habit - before heading out along the road
again. A very important part of the run, but also emotionally exhausting at

- Well; tomorrow I won?t have to do the pack & unpack routine. And the
washing & shopping is already done for the day, here at 23:57pm ;-). Sweet
I will rest like a Viking after 61 hard battles... :-))



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