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2005-05-16: Pictures12
Distance today: 37.0 km (Accumulated: 21623.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.05.16. [Medicine Hat; cross of Hwy. 1 & 6 St. SW.] - [Irvine; green
road sign on Hwy. 1: "Swift Current 187km"].

37km, 3:34:20h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops
Total 21582km.

Start: 10:22am.
Finish: 14:52pm.
Time GMT - 8 hours

+18c, almost clear sky & light wind at start.
23c, half overcast and same at finish.

Another not so long day.

And while the physical strength is fine and no injuries present, the run
is at the moment a hard mental wrestle.

As a bit of a paradox this is mainly because there is now a (relatively!!)
little part of the run left; about 20% of the total distance. Running
across wide spaces like the prairie it becomes very tempting to speculate
about and consider the overall perspective.

- The catch, however, is that the "little" part left still is about 5000km
long - a fact which hits hard with 21 000km done and the additional
longing for familiar surroundings.

Until I have gained an "upper hand" in this wrestle I will try to keep the
stages a bit shorter than usual. The lesson from earlier parts of the run
is that if it?s made slightly more comfortable, then there will be energy
enough to deal with the situation and then be ready to push on as normal

For example the same situation occurred when dealing with running across
Russia: the perspective of 10 000km laying ahead in the late winter snow
at the crossing of the Finland-Russian border was also almost numbing.

- Yet; if the run was easy all the way it would be boring, and thus
impossible to do - as it would present no interest to me :-)

NB: The mobile phone gps/gprs signal at the finish location was not
strong enough to transmit the finish picture - instead the backup picture
is attached to this report. Possibly the same problem will there to morrow
at the start. However the ordinary gps position data goes clear through.

"Finish picture", please click twice on the icon. '



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