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2005-05-08: Pictures8
Distance today: 0.0 km (Accumulated: 21288.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.05.08. [Calgary; rest-day ( monthly rest day, see -

Jesper: 7km, 0:40:49h.

- Guest reporter Peter Rietveld writes:

Man oh man, not only did I have the privilege to run with Jesper, I
actually joined him on a day off. And I tell you that is pretty special.
First of all we did not have to wake up, pack-up and get started at a
reasonable time to make the average 50km, but slept at leisure, were
treated like hotel guests by Ben and Karen and then taken out to the
Danish/Canadian club for brunch. The president, Gus, received us well and
we were seated with a whole bunch of good people, one of them the honorary
Danish consul and another one called Neil, who later on did an excellent
unforgettable performance. The CFCN television passed by for a shot and
interview which was broadcasted the same evening at 18.00 We enjoyed a
delicious meal while Gus went on pretending to be forgetful and
disorganized (or was he not pretending?) Many people of the community
approached us and wished us all the best. Some mentioned as well that they
knew where Denmark was and that the neighbour?s son had a friend who knew
someone that at one stage had been in Holland and then pronounced a
impossible name upon I friendly nodded of course. No kidding, everybody
was very friendly and genuinely interested. Today there was another 10km
run in Calgary, which we would have loved to run if we would have known.
The funds will be used for Cancer research and treatment and is sort of a
spin off of the Terry Fox runs that are held all over the place. We
congratulate the people of Calgary for this great initiative and the
mothers to get up and do it on the day they should be spoiled themselves.
GOOD FOR YOU! We are impressed about the feat of Terry Fox and the way the
Canadians carry on his dedication. Peter Rietveld



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