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2005-04-29: Pictures4
Distance today: 51.0 km (Accumulated: 20866.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.04.29. [Sicamous; cross of Gill Ave. & Hwy. 1] - [Blue sign next to
Hwy. 1: "Rutherford Beach, Rest Area. Ministry of Transportation, district
office Revelstoke].

(Runner company all stage: Peter Rietveld).

51km, 4:38:52h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops
Total 20825km.

Start: 09:49am.
Finish: 15:40pm.
Time GMT - 8 hours

+12c, almost clear sky and medium wind at start.
14c and same and light wind at finish.

- Your guest-reporter Peter Rietveld notes the following for the day :-) :

The day started with Jenn Woodward of the Eagle Valley News for a quick
interview for the local newspaper.
On the road again and as the hills grow bigger I fell smaller and smaller.
The water on the sides start to run faster and it gets clearer all the
way, crystal clear sparkling water while the sun as ever burns down on us,
which is great as the air is rather cool. We could not have hoped for
I by now got pretty much rid of my Hash House Harriers Hangover Cold and
Jesper is slowly getting there too.
It was not a bad day at all for seeing so many mountains, the road was
rather flat and we did 51km in a reasonable time. PB's (personal best's)
are so easy when you just start a new discipline, great feeling to hit a
PB pushing a stroller through the Rocky Mountains, 50km in 5.53.
Jesper pointed out that my starting speed is (as usual) still on the high
side which probably causes me to have these pains in my left leg during at
least a few km's every day. He is probably right and I will experiment a
bit, but don?t tell him. I hate to be wrong.
We restricted this day to five minutes brakes for the first three and
later ten minutes brakes instead of the usual me collapsing and not
wanting to get up anymore. It actually seemed to prevent me stiffening up
in the brakes and got going faster again. Still the five minutes are too
little for me to
Catch my breath, eat some energy stuff, drink a good bit, go to the
washroom and properly stretch. Ten minutes is too much but something in
between will be the next experiment.
We crashed at a rest area on the side of a lake, looking at a great rising
green hill across with train tracks right in front of them
Campfire is on, coffee brewing and the Kraft macaroni ready to be devoured.



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