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2005-04-30: Pictures19
Distance today: 38.0 km (Accumulated: 20904.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.04.30. [Blue sign next to Hwy. 1: "Rutherford Beach, Rest Area.
Ministry of Transportation, district office Revelstoke] - [Brown national
park sign on Hwy. 1: "Mount Revelstoke National Park Ahead".]
stage and last 12km. Probably no signal next 3 days due to mountains - we
are in narrow mountain passes>.

(Runner company all stage: Peter Rietveld).

38km, 3:47:21h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops
Total 20863km.

Start: 10:15am.
Finish: 15:09pm.
Time GMT - 8 hours

+10c, almost clear sky and medium wind at start.
12c half overcast and light wind at finish.

- Your guest-reporter Peter Rietveld notes the following for the day :-) :

The sun hits the tent at 07.00. Time for the fire to be lit and the coffee
to start. Three hours to departure time filled by sitting in the sun by
the fire and gulping down the coffee. Slowly packing up, sorting
everything out again and finding it's place somewhere in the stroller.
Half an hour mixed stretching with some yoga to prepare the body for the
We are climbing but we hardly noticed, getting on steady with the now 7/8
minutes brakes proved to be very good and the pain only came up a bit when
later in the day I picked up speed to see what would happen. Downhill
seems to put more stress on the leg than uphill. For the legs a very good
day indeed.
Halfway we ran into a Mac Donald and I had a two burgers and a milkshake,
wow that was good. So I thought. Running up the next hill I changed my
mind completely and swore never to eat that stuff again halfway a run. But
we got through and were picked up By Peter who took us in for the night
and served a very good barbeque with sauerkraut????? Do I feel at home now?
Peter and his wife Carol went around the world themselves a couple of
years ago and sp we have very good understanding people here.
Peter looks like Richard Gere but did not know yet, what will he do now he
Ready for the next beer and later on I get to get the coach, which in our
sake is not too bad at all

- A discrete note from Jesper ;-) : What a friendly place to run !!! My
impression of the Canadians so far is that they in terms of welcoming of
travellers and general openness towards other people are up there with
what I experienced in Australia, Finland and Siberia - friendliness and
helpfulness that I will remember longer than this run itself!

- And another note: There was frost/snow on my tent at 04am. For crying
out loud.. But that?s not the Canadians fault; Ill just wear a 7th. layer
of clothes next tent-night, which by the way will be at approx. 1000m
higher altitude. Let the summer come soon... But beautiful nature as
Peter notes :-)



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