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Distance today: 0.0 km (Accumulated: 20385.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.04.17. [2. rest- and preparation day in Vancouver; Canada].

Today?s rest- and planning day in Vancouver was mainly spent participating
in a 40 000+ 10km event !!

My running companion for the next month, Peter Rietveld, and I were
invited to try a Vancouver Classic: The Vancouver Sun Run. 10km around the
scenic down-town of Vancouver :-)

I had a start number of around 29000 and so did Peter, so we had a good
time seeing the start before we actually crossed the start line ourselves.
Actually we both have personal records on 10km that are faster than what
it took us to reach the start line after the start shot was heard ;-)

But it was a happy experience - I have never seen so many people running
at the same place before; and to my surprise I was able to run all the way
(!!); no waiting in lines during the run.

The times were fairly modest; 43:50 for my part and a bit slower for Peter
- who ran with a heavy backpack with all our gear (We had a "VIP" card,
but as I don?t feel very "VIP" and as the average runner are the VIP in my
view, I preferred to start back and ... Peter being happy to carry our
change gear; then that was a pretty easy decision :-)

I'll enjoy sharing the next approximately 1 month of running with him. An
amazing runner with a heavy travelling background!!

- After a VERY enjoyable Danish dinner prepared by our host Karl Jensen in
Vancouver I had a slow jog around the block (40:30min, ~7km). A perfect
ending of a good day :-)

PS: The website of the Sun Run is:



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