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Distance today: 0.0 km (Accumulated: 20385.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.04.16. [1. rest- & preparation day in Vancouver; Canada].

- A Canadian evening :-)

After an enjoyable 6km/36:10min. trail run in the favourite hills and
mountains of our host, Karl, we (the Dutch runner Peter Rietveld who will
run with me across the Rocky Mountains, and I) were invited to an evening
meeting with Canadian ultra runners living in the Vancouver area.

It turned out the be a very cosy event where I got a lot of stories from
their background and the Canadian ultra and adventure community in
general. In return I had an opportunity to dwell over the many experiences
along the road from London to here.. :-)

- Always a pleasure to meet people who appreciate this amount of "runners
talk" and "traveller stories" that eventually adds up during 20 000km & 3
continents!! :-)

Also this was a perfect opportunity to get contacts and connections along
the route across Canada. A lot of them obviously experts on the matter,
and especially Kevin Thomson - who has run across Canada (!!!) - has
offered some valuable route suggestions and assistance in the planning.
Very valuable to me, as I at this stage of the run don?t have a lot of
energy or surplus left to do the detail planning myself at a quality level
! So, as you can imagine, their advice is MUCH appreciated :-))

And already now knowing that there will be points of support along the
route means a lot and will make the mental part of this last
continent-crossing more easy (if "easy" is the right word ;-) to handle.

So; on the to-do list before Peter and I begin the run across the Rockies
only remains: a 10km competition (tomorrow), getting the Canadian sim-card
for the mobile phone to work, and... a hair cut.. ;-)

PS: By the way - the Vancouver runners have a nice website covering their
activities: - and don?t make the name trick you; their
members cover.. Double Iron men and Women (that?s 2 x Iron man distance in
one event), "grand slam" ultra runners (that?s 4 100miler's in a year),
"Eco-challenge" initiators, the founder of the Canadian ultra national
team etc., etc. ! Pretty impressive group of people there :-)



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