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Distance today: 57.0 km (Accumulated: 19890.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.04.02 - of US 101 and Highway. 30 at South entrance of Astoria Bridge, approximate
500meter after mile-marker 4 >.

(Crew: Kasper Vibe-Leonhardt, from start to "Astoria 25miles")

57km, 5:43:45h. . Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops.
Total 19.849km.

Start: 10:30am.
Finish: 16:55pm.
Time GMT - 8 hours

+16c, overcast and medium wind at start.
15c, grey overcast and same wind at finish.

Today was the first day without any fever since the stomach-illness the
29.March; so the stage went well :-) It seems that it worked good to step
up in distance slowly so that the body could recover meanwhile.

Today also was the last day with crew as my little sister & her husband
and their 1 year old daughter Julie :-) has to go back to Denmark after
this us-holiday.

On today?s trouble-agenda (every day seems to have that at the moment ;-)
I have the preparations for tomorrows "No pedestrians allowed" bridge over
the Colombia River. First of all I have got the traffic authorities to
sign a document stating that they won?t permit any running on the bridge -
so there is proof for Guinness that it was impossible to pass (they have
cameras on it so I can?t expect to "discretely" sneak over).

Further I researched other options and discussed with Phil Essam of the
Australian Ultra runners association - who has been most helpful in this
rum and has advised in Guinness records in Australia.

Alternative routes would mean 3-4 days extra, so I got backup to choose
transport from the South to the North side of the bridge. I called a taxi
to drive me over tomorrow and made sure that I could get witness signature
when I start at the other side.

Not a solution I am happy with, to put it mildly.. , but this is all there
is to do. Fortunately it wont "break" the crossing of the continent itself
as I am still at the Ocean coast until Vancouver where I (hopefully :-)
will do the run-across to the Atlantic coast.

Tomorrow?s stage is to Naselle via Road 401. Then Road 4 onto US 101 and:

4/4: South Bend.
5/4: Montesano.
6/4: Elma.
7/4: Olympia.

I have got a friendly contact in Olympia who will come down and meet me in
South Bend. I look forward to that!!



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