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Distance today: 69.0 km (Accumulated: 19036.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.03.12 6275; elev. 80" > - road sign "US 101" >.

69km, 7:49:34h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops.
Total 18.995km.

Start: 7:25am.
Finish: 16:24pm.
Time GMT - 8 hours

+15c, mist & light wind at start.
20c, almost clear and same wind at finish.

A hard stage!

After saying "auf wiedersehen" to Jurgen Ankenbrand I headed out to one of
the more difficult stages I have had in the American part of the run:

On the "low detail" map that I had used when planning the US stages, I had
missed that there would be some hilly coast mountains to cross once I had
gotten into the Northern part of California. And today were the beginning
of it!!

What had looked like 45 easy km during planning was in full-scale a 69km
run mainly up-and-down serpentine roads in scenic but also in a double
sense breathtaking mountain and forest hillsides.

To give an idea: I got cramp in my right hand from using the break on the
stroller during the downhill parts, to avoid the 40kg from "running away"
from me. On the up hills it was more a question of keeping enough momentum
through the narrow serpentines to keep me and the 40kgs moving forward in
running style ;-) (It is a run, so I want to leave any walking to after
each stage).

- Today, though, there was also running even past the finish point! I
couldn?t find any accommodation; neither motels nor camping grounds the
last 15km. Just the Californian "No Trespassing", "Stay Out", "Private
Forrest", "Loose Dog" that I have sadly got used to over here. After half
an hour of running after the finish in search of a place to stay it got
dark and I had to set up the tent in a tiny half-hidden creek before a
little bit miserable night.



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