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2005-02-04: Pictures28
Distance today: 25.0 km (Accumulated: 17663.0 km)
Country: Australia

2005.02.04. -

25km, 2:12:28h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops.
Total 17.622km.

Start: 7:19am.
Finish: 10:18am.
Time GMT + 10:30 hours (NB: South Australian Time!)

+26c, clear sky and heavy wind at start.
38c and med. wind at finish.

A planned 40km run was cut down to 25km instead after the weather forecast
had predicted 40c and nice strong sun.

At finish a bit past 10am. the heat was already beginning to pick up (38c)
and at present the temperature around 1pm. while writing the report on the
phone are somewhere in the 40ties.

- Nice for a day in the tent.. ;-)

Merredin, which I ran through at the beginning of the stage, is the first
"city" since Ceduna or even Port Augusta, 1500km ago. In between it has
mostly been small towns or "roadhouses". Strange how an 8-10 000
population city seem HUGE and hectic after slowly running through the open
landscape of Nullabor & surroundings :-)

At the last part of today?s run there were some interesting dry lakes with
partly salt surface. The pictures of them hopefully got sent to the web as
I had gprs signal (which transmits the gps-pictures from the route) all
the way. As I get nearer to Perth it should again be possible to send the
gps pictures and signal throughout the whole stages, contrary to the last
many days where the carrier signal only has been available near the towns.



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