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2005-01-23: Pictures19
Distance today: 32.0 km (Accumulated: 17219.0 km)
Country: Australia

2005.01.23. > - .

NB: Its HIGHWAY 94 that I am running on; NOT 96 as put in last 2 reports.
(See photo when exiting Norseman). A bit sleepy when making the report,
sorry !

(Crew: P. Gray all stage).

32km, 3:24:24h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops.
Total 17.178km.

Start: 07:15am. WAT.
Finish: 11:54am. WAT.
Time GMT + 10:30 hours (NB: South Australian Time!)

+19c, clear and no wind at start.
38c, with humid, clear and light wind at finish.

- First day w. high humidity since about 900km ago. And I certainly prefer
even high dry heat instead of this humid steam-bath of a run ;-)

No secret that I was struggling a bit the last 1 1/2 hour. Peter being too
polite to mention it from the roadside though ! ;-)

After the stage we drove the 120km up to Kalgoorlie (not to be confused
with Coolgandie which I hopefully should reach in a few days from now) to
send a birthday present to my little sisters daughter, Julie :-) !

She was born 1year ago the day the first snow fell that winter back in

As it happened I ran through their part of Denmark and just got to see her
for an hour :-)

- I miss my family!

By the way it might be the last gps-pictures in a while as the gps/gprs
transmitter signal got too weak about 10km South of the finish point and
then disappeared.

I hope to be back with on-line pictures from the road when I get near
Coolgardie in a few days :-)



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