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2004-11-07: Pictures6
Distance today: 78.0 km (Accumulated: 13751.0 km)
Country: Australia

2004.11.07. - on Road 23 "CR 50km" >.

78km, 7:19:21h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops.
Total 13710km. (J.).

(Crew: Anni & Bob Fickel, all stage).

Running company by Bob Fickel last 15km.

Start 7:53am.
Finish 17:16pm.
Time GMT + 8 hours

+10c, light wind & clear sky at start.
19c, same wind & half overcast at finish.

- Highland meditation

A beautiful silent Sunday morning !

The thin mountain air embracing the landscape - as well as my lungs. The
crew driving slow & cautiously far behind; as if they too feel the bid for

Haven?t had mornings like this since Siberia. Pure meditation for an urban
citizen :-)!

- The first week of running in Australia has gone - and left me with a
definite taste for more!

2/3 into the stage, just south of the western looking saloon-style village
Bombaala, I met a man with a very Scandinavian sounding name: mr. John
Olsen (see gps-picture in report). He was walking at the roadside, heading
in the same direction as I.
- A sympatric and modest man, who is steadily walking his way from the
Northern to the Southern tip of Australia. Taking his time to enjoy the
nature as he goes by on his daily 40km :-)

And there was more meetings lined up ;-)

...Approx. 10km before finish
I passed another highland cow & sheep farm.
Usually the livestock will flee in all directions when I jog past their
fences, wearing my fluorescent yellow security vest.
But not this group of cows; instead they ran along with me on their side
of the fence in the long open field.

At first galloping in front & and then stopping to wait for me to catch
up, but after a while strolling along at our mutual pace as long as the
fences would allow them to.
- I felt we had a small understanding going.. - "runner with cows" ;-) the way: I saw my first live kangaroo today ! What a different
creature; but graceful in its own way as it rhythmically jumps along :-)



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