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Distance today: 46.0 km (Accumulated: 13673.0 km)
Country: Australia

2004.11.06. middle city; at the South corner of roundabout > - 40km" on Road 23 >.

46km, 4:12:15h Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops.
Total 13632km. (J.).

(Crew: Anni & Bob Fickel, all stage).

Start 11:15am.
Finish 16:20pm.
Time GMT + 8 hours

+20c, medium wind and white clouds at start.
Same at finish.

- Mountain running

I am now getting a bit of altitude-running again as I run over the rolling
"Snowy Mountains" hills on the Monaro Highway.

Last night I and my crew spent in another caravan park - a cheap
accommodation by Australian standards, but definitely a luxury when I
think back to the Russian stages and the conditions most people endure

.. Still new memories are coming up from that part of the run and my
Australian contacts must surely be fed up with my: "... but then, IN
RUSSIA, we ..." every now and then ;-)

That huge country made a big lasting impression on me, I realize!!

But also the Australian friendship which I daily encounter makes its
impression :-)

Today David Utrush from the Snowy net computer services in Cooma helped me
with some work on the GPS / satellite system for the website. Expert
assistance and web access; he insisted that it was free of charge!

Once that was done I could start my run out along the mountain road; at
800-1100 meter about sea level.

This bit of altitude made for a very pleasant temperature, grand views -
and also brought an interesting meeting: Peter Grey stopped by in his car
and gave me a few tips for the Colac 6day Race which I will participate in
during my 'rest days' before heading in direction of the Nullabor desert
and Perth.

Peter has himself participated in almost all the previous 18 years of
Colac 6day races and will be the most experienced runner in this year?s
Definitely a good man to get advice from :-)



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