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Distance today: 85.0 km (Accumulated: 13329.0 km)
Country: Australia

Vale, crossing between Road 78 to Wollongong and Road 48 to Goulburn>.

85km, 9:06:50h (J.). Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops.
Total 13288km. (J.).
(Crew: Anni & Bob Fickel, all stage).

Start 7:48am (all).
Finish 19:25pm (J.).
Time GMT + 8 hours.

+15c, light rain and light wind at start.
20c and same at finish.

- Australian support !

My second running day in Australian part of the world run; on my way out
to Perth some 3 months 'down the road'...

Already people are giving me encouragement as they pass on the roads:
about 30km into the stage I was signalled from a car and was asked if I
were allowed to stop for a few minutes - no problem; as long as I keep the
run continuous & documented things looks good with Guinness records - so I
stopped 5 minutes and had a talk with Glenn and Marty who had seen me on
national TV the previous evening.

Right off the road they decided to buy one of the support t-shirts with
the route on, and just as important, they gave me a real good
encouragement to keep putting in the kilometres.

- Thanks a lot guys :-)

All through the 85km long day I would get these kind of encouragements! I
sure hope that this positive surprise keeps up as I will have some quite
difficult running coming up. In the last part of December I expect to get
to the Nullabor Desert which I will have to pass - in temperatures of
about 45-50c. Not an easy task for a "Scandinavian Viking" ;-)

So I much hope that I can find some kind of car support for the food &
water supplies, like the one that have right now and for the next days by
courtesy of Bob & Anni from Sydney who follow me by car from start to
finish. Well; Anni does - Bob usually can?t keep in the car and jumps out
now and then and end up doing a fair share of kilometres himself. Nice
with the company; and good advice to get from a "Westfield Run veteran"
(Westfield was an Australian ultra run classic, where the participants ran
from Sydney to Melbourne, 1000km. Bob did it in less than 9 days !).



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