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Goto: 12004-10-16 12004-10-18 1Japan

Distance today: 46.0 km (Accumulated: 12987.0 km)
Country: Japan

2004-10-17 Route Report: -

46km, 4:28:28h (J.). Excl. food, water, toilet etc. stops.
Total 12946km. (J.).

Start 08:00am (all).
Finish 15:22pm (J.).
Time GMT + 10 hours.

+17c, clear sky and light wind at start.
22c and same at finish.

Another day of highly dangerous running!

The route of today was indeed very beautiful with a scenic setting of
winding mountain roads at the Japan Sea ocean front. But... this also
meant very frequent tunnel-running. Running headlong into the darkness of
the tunnels with the baby jogger about 20cm out on the wrong side of the
white roadside line; hmm... takes its toll on the mental reserve.

Physically the Japan run isn?t very taxing, but right now I am approaching
the limit of what is mentally good. The stress of the tunnel-running means
that I take stops after about every 4.-5. tunnel to get a hold on things
(!). The traffic is very polite, but facing huge trucks in there makes you
consider weather you get to see the next road bend.

- A few times, before the heaviest traffic tunnels, I have made sure to
have my favourite sandwich or drink before heading in there... ;-) Just so
I wouldn?t regret having missed it if things went wrong.

The reward, however, was a stunning seaside place to put up the tent after
stage finish. Taking a bath in the almost warm seawater and enjoying the
evening meal on the sand beach listening to the wave sounds and seagulls;
make things look a bit better :-)

Yet I am beginning to be convinced that the correct thing will be to head
for the nearest East Coast to make a finish of the Japan run. I should be
able to reach that in about 3 days. And I hope to keep out of accidents
until then.



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