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Goto: 12004-10-17 12004-10-19 1Japan

Distance today: 57.0 km (Accumulated: 13044.0 km)
Country: Japan

2004-10-18 Route Report: < road sign 456, 9 on Route 8> - < road sign 49
on Route 161>.

57km, 5:43:31h (J.). Excl. food, water, toilet etc. stops.
Total 13003km. (J.).

Start 09:15am (all).
Finish 17:02pm (J.).
Time GMT + 10 hours.

+20c, partly clouds and light wind at start.
20c, overcast and medium wind at finish.

- Halfway Point of World Run!!!

Three km from the finish I rounded 13 000km and thus are `homebound` from
now on. A sweet thought as I really miss family and friends by now. Only
about 11 months to that if things goes well ;-)

I had my second day of tent-accommodation as I put up the tent on the
shore of the big Lake Biwa. One of largest lakes Japans largest lakes with
a diameter of about 200km.

I tried to get in contact with Kazuka after finish as we have a planned
rendezvous with her and Alexander tomorrow after finish. AND I don?t have
maps for the next part of the course as they are working on them together
with other Japan contacts. So the state of things is that if I don?t make
the finish point get contact then I run out of maps and direction by
evening tomorrow. Straight and plain.

A bit of a horror to think of, as I by now have given up asking direction
or help from the Japanese people I meet.



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