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Distance today: 50.0 km (Accumulated: 12802.0 km)
Country: Russia

2004-10-10 Route Report: - Square: "Heroes of the defence of the Soviet Union" statue, Vladivostock

50km, 4:58:17h (J.). Excl. food, water, toilet etc. stops.
Total 12761km. (J.).

Start 10:40am (all).
Finish 17:59pm (all).
Time GMT + 10 hours.

+7c, clear sky and light wind at start.
16c and same at finish.




- WE ARE T-I-R-E-D !

We had a memorable last stage in Russia. The sensation of running into
Vladivostock is beyond what the keyboard will let me express, and I think
that goes for my fellow runners Alexander and Kazuka too!

The massive buildings, the many many 'almost skyscrapers' of the
Vladivostock skyline hits like pleasant culture-shock after running so
many months in Siberia. It's is almost like being dragged out of an earth
cave and into a techno-hall (not that I have tried that, though ;-)

Siberia has been a lifetime of experiences, a lifetime of hardship; and a
lifetimes worth of friendship & help from almost every small city we ran
through, slept in, set up our tents near or asked for directions !!

The dull description of Siberia as being "a dense, everlasting, dark
forest of Taiga" - well that isn?t what we have experienced! Siberia and
its nature are more diverse than what I have seen in most other parts of
the world. End no surprise - it covers more than a third of the distance
around the world. Mountains of many shapes, valleys deep and narrow, huge
and plain or small and cosy for the small cottage villages. Forests, dark
green and forbidding, light and transparent, 'fairy-tale' like forest of
silver colour birch. Steppe that reminds of Africa; roads that reminds of
Africa ;-)
Villages of all sizes; from 10-12 houses insisting to withhold shelter in
places where electricity, water, communication or almost any other thing
you have right at hand at your western home - is at best a dream for the
future. But with plenty of strength and will to survive!! Friendship and
generosity in amounts that perhaps is duly in lack in the western opposite.

Yet there are also oasis' that seems out of context with the rest of
Siberia. Omsk, Irkutsk, Krasnojarsk, Chita, Ulan Ude, Khabarovsk and
perhaps even most the bristling city Novosibirsk. Those are dense urban
areas with all that you could expect to find in a European ditto. Added a
bit of Siberian charm; and more than a bit when concerning Omsk, which
with its old white stylish buildings, its many large green squares and
long tree lined streets holds much pleasure for a city-oriented visitor.

But if there is one thing the sums up Siberia it is - of course - CLEAN
nature. Before running it, I read what I could get time to of literature
about this huge area. But none of it prepared me for the pleasure of
clean, clean air, clean forests, clear lakes... like I can?t remember to
have experienced them anywhere in Europe.
This is a runner?s land; especially if the roads get a bit better ;-)

Well; enough for now.
We have reached the finish our Russian run. Now remains for Alexander and
me the last half of our run around the world. Kazuka can take a well
earned rest when she reaches home in Japan. I for my part it is now the
first rest days in 6month. Did I long for that? YES!!! In total I have
had 3 days, Copenhagen, Moscow and Krasnojarsk. The plane for Japan leaves
the 13.October. I have 3 rest days now; SWEET :-)

Alexander will try to overcome his injuries during these days. I strongly
hope he will succeed. He has been a strong motivation, even when he had to
give up his own claim for a full lap around the world. He was the winner
in the Helsinki 12hour race. A runner that I respect hugely.

To run through Siberia is hard. To run through Siberia with injuries
almost every day is beyond what our vocabulary has to offer. He has earned
his rest!

Goto: 12004-10-09 12004-10-11 1Russia

Distance today: 0.0 km (Accumulated: 12802.0 km)
Country: Russia

2004-10-10 Arrival Report


- Alexander, Kazuka and I ran the to our finish point at the Vladivostock
Harbour some 30 minutes ago, and have thereby finished the first (very)
large stage of the world run. Now remains the last half of the world!

We are tired, but happy and satisfied by our achievement. Later I will
make a more extensive report. Now awaits a party arranged by the city and
the many runners that escorted us today...

PS: We have by the press here been informed that we are the first to
conquer the running of the entire Russian territory from West to East, so
when confirmed - that is the first record cleared :-) Hopefully there are
more to come.



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