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Distance today: 62.0 km (Accumulated: 12626.0 km)
Country: Russia

2004-10-07. Route Report: 500m after road sign.532 on M60> - < road sign 595 on M60>.

62km, 6:06:49h (J.). Excl. food, water, toilet etc. stops.
Total 12585km. (J.).

Start 09:36am (K. and J.).
Finish 17:53pm (J), 19:04(K.).
Time GMT + 10 hours.

+4c, clear sky and light wind at start.
23c and same at finish.

- The first of 3 hard days before the final stage to Vladivostock. We
expect about 65km in average during these days in order to have a fairly
relaxed run into Vladivostock where there apparently are a larger finish &
celebration ceremony being planned. We wouldn?t like to come staggering
the last few km's and be too exhausted to do other than hit the bed after
a quick meal (... the order of the day on many of the Siberian

As could be expected we were careful on this first of the heavy days.
Kazuka unfortunately had a stomach upset and were set back more than
usually. I chose to wait at each water-point (every 10km) for about
20min's. That?s better than waiting too long at the finish point as the
temperature drops very quickly as soon as the sun sets.

Alexander has had to stay in the car to be 100% sure to be able to run the
last stage. We will take a careful look at the situation during the Japan
part of our run where we will use the baby jogger full-scale again. This
will decide how the team looks in Australia.

For my part the cold & fever has finally began to loosen its grip. Nice
:-) I'm able to speak in understandably sentences again ;-) Imagine how
'Danish Russian' sounds through a full-scale case of a cold ;-)) Nice to
have the keyboard ! Yet, it didn?t do much trouble to the running itself.
Actually the worst part was before and after the stages, as I think many
distance runners has experienced it !

PS: The reports are posted with delay - as the mobile unit for reports to
the website is broken. We expect to reach Vladivostock the 10.October and
there have more extensive reports & comments



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