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Distance today: 70.0 km (Accumulated: 8177.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Tashyet 1217 on M53 > - M53 >.

70km, 7:06:45 h (J.).Excl. food, water, toilet etc. stop.
Total 8136km.(A. and J.).

road. Distance corresponds with support-car spedometer and roadmap>

Start 5:20am (K.), 7:21 (A.), 7:41 (J.).
Finish 16:21pm (J.), 16:29 (A.), 18:12 (K.).
Time: GMT + 8 hours.

+16c, no wind and clear sky at start.
32c, a few white clouds and no wind at finish.

- Roads turn worse !
After about 6km running we faced yet another steep hill. Two serpentine
turns up the tarmac disappeared and was replaced by rock and gravel for
the next approximately 58km.

It made the stage a bit more difficult as the rock-roadfilling was very
uneven with all from pebble stones to 'shoe size' stones - making the knee
& anckle stabilizing muscles work overtime.

Alexander and Kazuka got through it quite well :-) Especially Alexander
who is running strong now and seems un-affected by the state of the roads !

For my part it was less easy as I pulled a musclefiber or overworked one
of the outside muscles in upper right leg. Not a big problem I think, but

Fortunately the stage was not all about bad roads:
At 52km we met Asmund from Bergen, Norway. He has been biking Russia,
China and Mongolia for 3 years !!
He had valuable road, climate and obstacle information and we had a
memorable 30min of Scandinavian talk at a road/gravel side shelter.

By coinsidence I have a good ultrarunning friend from the excact same city
in Norway (Lars S├Ątran - on their national team at 100km & 24h and
currently guest professor in California while on 2 year leave from Bergen
Tech.University - has just made a good result in Western States 100miles,
I believe :-) ).

- So there was much to talk about and half an hour seemed very short !
Especially because it's now 5 months since I last spoke my language
(danish) besides the monthly 3 minut phonecall, thus I am beginning to
find it hart to remember all words & expressions.

It was really nice to refresh the sound of the language and the
understated humor that it can hold :-)



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