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Distance today: 35.0 km (Accumulated: 7902.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Borodino roadsign 12 on secondary rd. > - .

35km, 3:32:27h (J.)
Excl. food, water, toilet etc. stop.
Total 7861km.(A. and J.).

Start 9:29am (all).
Finish 13:14pm (J.), 14:16 (A.), 16:22 (K.).
Time: GMT + 7 hours.

+16c, med. wind and a few white clouds at start. At finish 25c, light wind
and same.

On todays highly scenic small contry roads we passed one of this regions
largest coalmines. No surprise as Borodino is a central city for the coal
The escavation of the cole is mainly done in the form of large open mines
like the one we saw today; about 1 1/2 wide, about 100m deep -
worked by dinosour like engineer machines!

But Borodino also has a strong sport tradition, especially in wintersports
and is hometown to ski biathlon (ski shooting) olympic champion Olga

This interest in sport we clearly felt at the meeting with the city's
sports committy at yesterdays finish.

We were offered accomodation at the "Sports Hotel" with all meals, and
they even insisted in supplying us very well for the next days of running !

- This kindness and friendly help comes at a very lucky time as we
ofcourse are concearned by the problems of Kazuka. Therefore it was a
delight to see that the sport committy president himself waited for Kazuka
with warm food and friendly interest ! :-)

Todays accomodation: back in the tents with the mosquitoes, flies and
grasshoppers (its apparently their season now).
But that is part of the run as we like it :-)

* Secondary road description:

big lightcross in city and forward = 1km to first T-cross. There left and
forward = 4km to first cross. Then right and = 5km forward on twisty road
with lake on left side and = 1 1/2km later huge open coalmine on right
side. Then T-cross with M53 and left onto M53 about 200m before roadsign
989. In total about 12km, +/- 500m >.
Photodocumentation and chairman of Borodino sports committy as guide and



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