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Goto: 12004-07-05 12004-07-07 1Russia

Distance today: 40.0 km (Accumulated: 7867.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report Part 1: Kazuka. The stage to Borodino will be resumed at the point of stop:
Kazuka will start at roadsign 916 and J. and A. will start at roadsign
933. >.

- At startpoint we dont have mobile signal and there could be several days
before we reach a zone where we can transmit the reports.

Therefore we send this "start-report" and hope for patience untill the
reports can be transmitted :-)

We leave the 1 million city Krasnojarsk (means "red hills") with big
thanks for their help to our team and medical support to Kazuka!

Route Report Part 2:
K. resume at roadsign 916 at M53, J. and A. resume at roadsign 933 on M53
> - Borodino road >.

40km (J. and A.) 57km (K.), 4:30:16h (J.).
Excl. food, water, toilet etc. stop.
Total 7826km.(A. and J.).

Start 11:03 am (K.), 11:31 (J. and A.).
Finish 16:37pm (J.), 16:59 (A.), 22:48 (K.).
Time: GMT + 7 hours.

At start +17c, medium wind and partly overcast. At finish 18c, light wind
and gray clouds before rain.

Needless to say it was great to get running in 'direction due East' again
:-) Alexander and I ran most of the stage together to make sure we both
got good picture documentation of the many small roads on todays stage.

Kazuka chose to carefully speed-walk the stage to spare the knee. Tomorrow
was planned to be a 70km stage, but we will divide it on two days so she
can have a chance to get back into the run. After that we must run normal
stages, and after Irkutsk try to make up distance !

The M53 makes a long turn South before our finish point at Borodino, so it
made good sense to run the secondary roads to get a more direct line. But
not without extra effort in ways of roadfinding... see below.

Our supply-driver made a super effort keeping service to all group and
making sure Kazuka didnt make the road-mistake A. and I made at about 1/2
way point !

* Road notes to secondary road:
< 800m after roadsign 933 on M53 left turn onto secondary road.
Then forward passing roadsign 7 to roadsign 29 + 500m. Then right on
second road, passing railroad and roadsign 1 to roadsign 3 + 700m. Then
left at T-cross, 300m and under railroad bridge and ran back>, and right 50m after sign "Borodino right".
Then forward passing roadsign 3 to roadsign 7. Then right at T-cross and
forward passing roadsign 4 to white city sign "Borodino" & city monument
near roadsign 12 and meet with Borodino sport committy >.

All ofcourse with photo-documentation and video at finish :-)



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