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Distance today: 42.0 km (Accumulated: 7764.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Krasnojarsk < Olympic Wrestler Monument, at Krasnojarsk
Sportscentrum > - .
city. The M53 would be 6-8km extra as it circles the Krasnojarsk urban

42km, 4:40:24 h (J.).
Total 7723km(A. and J.).

Start 10:29am (all).
Finish 15:44pm (J.), 16:21 (A.), 18:30 (K.).
Time zone: GMT + 7 hours.

+21c, light wind and clear sky at start.
At finish +23c, rainclouds and light wind.

Regional tv & newspaper coverage of start.
Runner compagny all stage by Konstantin.

Running out of Krasnojarsk the rolling hills continue to grow as we enter
the Mid-Siberian Hill Plateau. On our (well Kazuka's:-) )altimeter we
register 565m at the top hill.

At start I (J.) still had light fever and choose to run slowly as the
stomach refused all but half an banana and part of a bisquit. But drinking
water and thin lemonade with salt did the job ok :-)

A very positive surprise was the wellcome at the startpoint by the
Krasnojarsk ultrarunning club. We were guest at their clubhouse the
in the city where they celebrated Kazukas birthday and now they took the
day off to run the first 25km with us !

Another pleasant support given to us was several big packets of food,
mineral water & fresh juice (very expensive in Russia!) - and a
considerable amount in roubles !! It was quite a surprise too, and we can
only extent our biggest THANKS to our running friends here & the main
person of the donation, Victor Tuynin !!!

- As it happens he is an high ranking docter of: epidemologi related to
stomach infections (!!).

Quite a positive twist to my painfull & very embarrassing restday
yesterday. Spacibo bolsjoy :-))

- tomorrow we drive to the city centre to get an akupuncture treatment for
Kazuka and then it is out to the start place at 'km-pole 870' :-)

Our 3 days with accomodation as guests of young Konstantin (30 y.o.) has
been memorable !
He came fron a running background of recreational 1/2 marathon running,
and with fresh spirit ran his first ultrarun with us.
And today topped it with a marathon !
I enjoyed our running :-)
We share much the same view on challenges.

- We will miss you and Krasnojarsk !!

PS: During run out of city I saw 2 yellow danish city buses - the route
sign still read: "Hillerød St." & "Ølstykke St." !! How they got here
beats me :-)



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