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Distance today: 60.0 km (Accumulated: 7500.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: - .

60km, 5:59:41 h (J.).Excl. food, water, toilet etc. stop.

Start 5:45am (K.), 8:24am (J. and A.).
Finish 14:50pm (J.), 15:51 (K.), 16:35 (A.).

+17c, light wind and allmost clear sky.
+21c, medium wind and overcast at finish.

The main happening today was that Kazuka was stopped by the roadpolice:

12km before finish I ran towards a police control station situated in a
steep hill pass.

To my surprise Kazuka was standing between two armed guards looking a bit
troubled !

As I was running 'negative splits' to the finish line (as I have come to
prefer, unless injured) I was not keen on breaking the rythm by stopping.
So with this in mind I quickly asked Kazuka what had happened. Then turned
to the guards and in angry and minimalistic ;-) language explained why we
were here and what my oppinion of the situation was.

They insisted, probably correctly, that passports had to be shown; at
which point my patience ran out.

I said shortly that all papers was with our driver and his car. Added that
our run & visa was under patronage of the Russian Sportsministry in
Moscow, and that this was the first time police had stopped us during the
run in Russia.

One guard lowered his machinegun and looked in doubt; I said "spaciba" and
ran on together with Kazuka !

A few minutes later l realised that this was not the way to deal with such
a situation. Too late; and lucky that nothing happened. Next time I hope
to remember that carefullness is the main thing when dealing with
situations like this!



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