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Goto: 12004-06-17 12004-06-19 1Russia

Distance today: 56.0 km (Accumulated: 7245.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Kemerova Stadium "WaXTEP"(Scaktor in english)at main tribune
- Villagesign "YoMEKA"(Uspenka in english) near roadsign 344 on M53.

56km., 5:08:07h(J.).

Start 5:35am(K.), 8:43(J. and A.).
Finish 14:16(J.), 16:51(K.), 17:24(A.).

+17C., medium wind and vercast after rain at start.
+16C., rain and medium wind at finish.

There was a major surprise waiting for us today: 500m. hills up and down
all through the last 35km's. Flat parts inbetween? -no!

Our maps that else have been impeckable and precise didnt mention anything
remotely like that.
Large continious hills is not as such a problem, but when a runner are
(mentally) unprepared for the extra strain it quickly becomes a good

The landscape itself is also "something else"!
Its different from what I have seen anywhere else, and has an distinct
errie feeling about it (!). Very silent, allmost no people, few animals
seen; only the lowhanging clouds and the endless wind in the hillside
treetops. Difficult to explain!

It has a tiny resemblance with Swizz nature, only the hills is "cut" just
before they become mountains.
And there is a large variety of trees - I counted 7 different in about 10
Beautifill? Hmm.. mostly peculiar and errie.

To add to it we lost all mobile connections and this may be the last
report for some days.
The present one is sent from Kemerova where we were driven back for night

But something positive: Edit Berces (Hungary) You made our day!
We got your inspiring @ yesterday.
If you are a fan of us: well then we are stunned by your records, I(J.) do
know the difference between a world champion and myself, I think that goes
for all in the team!! We are honoured by your support :-)

Speaking of champions we just had news about the danish 100km
championships. A delight to se that my friend from the national team,
Tranum, dipped under 8 hours(7:59) on a tough course and took 1. place.
Way to go! Hard work does pay off :-)



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