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Distance today: 42.0 km (Accumulated: 7287.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Village sign "YcMEKA" (Uspenka in english) 344 on M53 > - .

42km, 3:53:22h (J.).Excl. food, water, toilets etc. stops.

Start 9:56am (all).
Finish 14:10pm (J.), 15:47 (A.), 16:48 (K).

+19c, no wind, strong sun at start. 24c and same at finish.

A short but again overwhelming hilly stage w. highpoints near 680m.

It has now dawned to us what this somewhat ommious forrest landscape is:
The beginning of East Siberia !
Formally the Jenitsei river is considered as the border some 400km
Eastward from here, but locals say that what we now see is in fact the
whee beginning of the more hilly and forrest-dense East Siberia.

And here specifically the outlayers of the Altay Mountains which rise to
4000 m. a few hundred km South at the Kaz. & Mongolian border.

- If you want to experiense
something distinctive different from what European nature has to offer;
well then this is a good place to start !

After running through the village Krasna Yar (which means "the red hill")
the main hills ended and the landscape became more wellcoming.
We were urged to go back to Kr. Yar and there we were excellently
accomodated. Even food we could not buy - we were presented an allmost
gourmet level dinner !!
Spacibo Krasna Yar !!!

In the morning before we were driven to the startpoint up in the hills, we
had a meeting w. Tolstikov (London Marathon winner 1991, olympic
participant & Soviet marathon recordholder: 2:09:17h).

We had some very rewarding talks about the present russian
talent-potential on 42km and the diff. between mara. and ultra. training..
A very friendly and positive man that took time to talk with 'happy
amateurs' like us.

We enjoyed every minute :-)



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