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Distance today: 36.0 km (Accumulated: 7189.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Roundabout roadsign "Kemorova 28km"(near roadssign 226 on
M53) - Kemerova Stadium "WaXTEP"("Scaktor" in english)(at main tribune).

36km., 2:55:06h.(J.).

Start 9:16am(K.),9:20am(J. and A.).
Finish 12:28(J.), 13:52(A.), 16:05(K.).

At start + 20C., changing wind, overcast, rain begin.
Overcast, +20C. and no wind at finish.

Kemerova - I want to write something positive.
What I can come up with is that there are no mosquitoes and that we are
very friendly accomodated at the stadium :-)
But, Kemerova is quite heartbreaking, and we dont see the usual smiles,
playfull eyes of "devuskas" and happy children.

Kemerova with its about 500 000 inhabitants lies like a beton fist in the
From the city center near the 1½ (!) ironbridge the +20m. high industrial
oil flame are a dominant feature.
At one of the main squares we ran past some of the largest factory
buildings I've ever seen.
Its mainly mastodont coal processing plants; and has its effect on

The childrens drawings on a factory wall, though, made the strongest
impression: they reminded quite a lot of Edward Munch "The Scream".
Only this even touched me more.

After the finish at Kemerova Stadium, TV and newspaper interviews.
We try to bring them something positive, that is the least we can do.

Wish our run somehow can bring perspective, but at the same time I feel
its such a profane luxury just to run.
Yet the journalists ask good questions with nice opportunities to let a
word drop about hopes and perspectives - and about the value of caring for
/ preserving nature. Also an utter luxury, I know, but it would be even
worse to be silent.

At evening we have a quick visit to the "uptown" Kemerovo which lacks
nothing in parade squares an administration palaces; but it dont wipe away
the impressions from our run. Not for a long time.



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