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2004-06-11: Pictures46
Distance today: 40.0 km (Accumulated: 6925.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Reprot:[Roadsign 1422 on M51] - Lenin Square; Novosibirsk
[Novosibirsk main square. See gps pic.].

40km, 3:12:44h +/- 2min. due to traffic (J.). [diff. between stopwatch &
total time, also due to traffic/stop signs].

Start 5:25am (K.), 8:53am (J. and A.). Finish 12:19 (J.), 14:30 (A. &K.).

+20c, partly clear and light wind at start. Finish, same and 24c.

- Todays stage lead into the 2mill. siberian 'capital' Novosibirsk. As we
think you can realize from the picture the 40km was allmost like running
40years forward in time. From quiet rural life to a bristling high-tech
(!) capital.

Novosibirsk is the 3. largest russian city and was founded in 1893 at the
Trans Siberian Railway's crossing of the large river Ob (which we too
crossed, 2km before finish - see pic.).

Besides having a beautifull location the city is known for beeing an
'academical center' on level with Moskva & St.Petersburg. This knowledge
center has lately given ground to a rapid business development, and it is
in fact the most dynamic city I (J.) have experiensed in Russia so far !!

Since long it has had a strong cultural scene; lead by the huge opera &
ballet Theatre that you can see right behind our finish place.

- At finish we were recieved by 3 tv channels and our very friendly host &
contact here: the organizers of the Int. Novosibirsk 1/2 Marathon -
definately worth a try as it has a very beautifull course + a good
occation to visit this interesting region and dynamic city!

- we hope to bring you more information about that race and contact info
in the next reports :-)



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