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2004-06-10: Pictures28
Distance today: 50.0 km (Accumulated: 6885.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Roadsign "Dublinskaya 1km" [near roadsign 1372 on M51] -
[Roadsign 1422 on M51].
50km, 4:41:14h. (J.). (still many stomach-problem stops..)

Start 5:36am (K.), 8:17am (J. and A.). Finish 13:21pm (J.), 14:32 (K.),
15:36 (A.).

+20c, no wind & clear sky at start. +24c and same at finish.

NB: Alexander had Sportscomitty road-meeting at Konochevo [40km, roadsign
1412, about 1h.] so his finish time is better than the above. He is
improving every day now :-)

- As you can see from the pictures we have today limosine transport (a
new, tuned, mercedes 500S, AMD) to our night accomodation in Novosibirsk.
Its an allmost unreal luxury in strong contrast to the many many days on
the roads, living the simple life.

I (J.) feel a bit strange in this airconditioned, cool luxury.
But friendly it is ! Alex. is as a fish in the water; comfortable in
every enviroment ! :-)

The next 3 days we will have after-stage accomodation in the appartment
that are shown on the pictures. A luxury that is so very different from
what we have experiensed the last 5 months that its allmost hard to

It is put to our disposal by the organizers of the Novosibirsk 1/2
marathon. Tomorrow we will bring you information about this prosperous
2mill. city and its contrywide famous sportsclub & race organizer !

- And now to the promised view of our purposes for doing the world run :-)

The reasons are many:

* To attempt the ultimate distance-running challenge; one lap around the

* To aim for a well documentet Guinness "1. time" record.

* To have a long prepared 'go' at one of the last un-conquered
explorer/expedition challenges.

* To ask a basic question: how far a distance can humans run ? And what
will happen during it: adaptation, ware-down, strengthning or ?

* To explore & experience the earth's change of nature, culture and
climate at a natural human pace - the pace of the runner.

* For the basic joy of running :-)

- and a private one (j.):

* The philosophical experiment of relating the endurence and capabilities
of the human to the distance & time it takes to round the Earth by own

This relates to a an idea of using the body as a (natural) instrument for
basic philosophy.

The concept of time, distance and the existensial concept of "the earth",
I think can with benefit be explored by directly relating them to the body
& mind and our limits or non-limits.

[... by registrating how the experience of these concepts change (or not),
while the body and mind are required to 'contemplate' distance, time and
the pherimeter of the earth.]

(I doubt the 'constructed' idea of body & mind beeing contrasts, with
philosophy beeing confined to one body part ).
... If quite unclear, I appologize :-)
Later, hopefully in London, there should be better opputunities to explain
and exemplify.



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