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2004-06-09: Pictures32
Distance today: 49.0 km (Accumulated: 6835.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Roadsign "Chulim 2,3km" [500m after roadsign 1323 on M51]
- Roadsign "Dubatskaya 1km" [near roadsign 1372 on M51].

49km, 4:28:24h (J.).

Startpoint 2 = rds."Chulim 3km" [near rds.1327]
- see yesteqdays report & below.

Start 8:42am (J.), 8:50 (K., at startpoint 2), 8:59 (A., at startpoint 2).
Finish 13:23pm (J.), 15:10 (A.), 16:55 (K.).

+19c, light wind & clear sky at start. +24c and same at finish.

Today Kazuka choce to walk the stage. Probably a wise decition to prevent
the shinsplint from escalating.
Alexander and I have to refrain from walking longer parts of the stages,
as it is a world RUN :-)

For my part I has so far been walking 2 x 5min. at one german stage and 4
x 2min. at the first stage in Russia (70km stage to Vyborg).

At finish we were met by Nasja and her friends, and later by the
headmaster of the local school & the sport and culture adm. of Dubatskaya
(pop.: ~400 pers.).

It is usually so, that the smaller the village the more friendly and merry
reception we experience; and that was certainly the case here !

At our 'world run information meeting' in the youth club after dinner, it
was easy to feel that 'the small town life' gives time for interesting and
basic philosophical thoughts !

- A good quality that is often sorrowly missed in impatient big city life
& politics.

We much enjoyed the challenging questions, which was far beyond the usual
"Where do you run ? And that do you eat ?".

- The discussion became long and we continued it later with our host
Valentina, and submerged into conversation about the reasons behind
difference in culture (Europe - Russia - Japan); the sociological impact
of good or bad infrastructure; the 'nature' of metropolitan and village
"friendship" and "naighbour-ship"; etc.

Thus the promised report about our purposes of the world run will have to
wait untill tomorrows report!



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