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2004-06-08: Pictures21
Distance today: 41.0 km (Accumulated: 6786.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Roadsign "Kargat 3km" [near roadsign 1282 on M51] - "Chulim
2,3km" [500m after roadsign 1323].

41km, 4:07:29h (J.).

Alex. and Kazuka finish at "Chulim 3km", near roadsign 1327. 45km; I
misunderstood the finish point and will start at the 1.point tomorrow
because I stopped our gps tracker there.

Start 8:30am (all). Finish 12:46 (J.), 14:17 (A. at finish point 2; 13:44
at point 1), 15:18 (K.; fin.point 2 ).

+20c, light wind and small white strato-cumulus at start. Same at finish
and medium wind.

Team status: Alexander is feeling better for every day now ( :-) ).
Kazuka and I have instead got small things to deal with.

Kazuka suffers a bit from shinsplints (left leg) and had to walk the last
part today. I have once again stomach problems, and thus ran the stage
without food & water - but, many toilet stops...

- Had a meeting w. an admiral (or ?; I didnt really understand) on route;
see picture. There is a navy school near Kargat - yes, in the middle of
Siberia !

Whats perhaps more interesting is an archeological finding near same town:
we were told that a group of american scientists have visited the site and
proposed the theory that as the ice age icefront moved North(melted), the
hunters of Mammoth followed their prey North-East and eventually crossed
the territory that later became the Bering Strait.

The archeological findings near Kargat, according to them, suggests that
the tribes that lived here is ancestors of the North American indians
(Apache etc.).
Thus the theory that Siberian tribes migrated as far as Alaska!

- You decide for yourself... But its surely an interesting story :-)

And it adds perspective to our own eastward bound run.

It has since long been my oppinion theres an interesting experiment in
trying to show that it is well within human limits to fairly quicky run
(/migrate) at transcontinal distances.

Yet my/our small experiment of this is ofcourse not "scientific" as such -
in that area presides grand scientist-explores like Thor Heyrdahl - but it
do mean that I at some factors are very keen on the level of documentation
and registration.

This subject is naturally linked to the purposes of this run, which I'll
look into in tomorrows report.



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