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2004-06-07: Pictures15
Distance today: 45.0 km (Accumulated: 6745.0 km)
Country: Russia

RouteReport: Roadsign "Ubinskoe 3km" [near roadsign 1237 on M51] -
Roadsign "Kargat 3km" [near roadsign 1282].

45km, 4:06:07 (J.). (many 'stomach problem stops').

NB: why allways "..3km": because the Transsiberian Railroad runs 3km
beside the M51 highway. And the rail is the main thing out here !

Start 8:32am (all). Finish 12:55 (J.),13:52 (K.), 14:34 (A.).

+16c, light rain & strong wind at start. Rain, heavy wind & 12c at finish.

- Suddenly in the middle of our stage I was hailed by a truck driver. He
had heard about us (perhaps via the morning interview in Ubinskoe).
From his slow passing truck he handed me a fresh orangejuice with best
wishes to me & Korotkov ! (Fresh juice is among the most expensive drinks
in Russia.)

Later he stopped at the roadside; gave another fresh juice for Alexander
and we had a short cheerfull talk in my broken russian.

On the pictures you can see Alec, his Kamaz Truck from Omsk, and his
daughter who has school holiday.

- to me his kind of gesture makes it all worth while !! :-)

More often than not we get positive response from truck drivers: they
give good room for us at our roadside running; send us wellcome honks and
even on occation shields us from nearing cars.

This in one of the common things, reguardless of what contry we run
through: UK, France, Bel., Holl., Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland &

- Thank you for your help. We appreciate sharing road with you !! :-)

If the cars had the same carefullness we would feel a lot safer.
Especially new limosines like the top mercedes models also share an
international trend' - only that is the one of carelesness towards other.

- But there are pleasant exceptions; like pastor Uli Schulze's 'baby-benz'
that at patient pace gave food&water service through some memorable german
stages :-)

Our acc. is as guests of the 20 000 pers. city Kargat, and on the picture
are the head of sportscommitty, the journalist Marina & her photographer.



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