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2004-06-04: Pictures22
Distance today: 45.0 km (Accumulated: 6607.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Blue roadsign "Tebcc 1km"(near roadsign 1093 on M51) - Blue
roadsign "Barabinsk 4km" on M51(500m after roadsign 1144).

45km., 4:56:50h. (J.). Excl. water, food, toilet etc. stops.

NB:no gps signal at start; we first had connection at 22km., roadsign 1115
(- but video and digital photo as usual at start).

Start 7:58am(all).
Finish 13:20pm(J.), 14:46pm(K.), 15:44(A. and Andrei).

+27C., light wind, clear sky at start.
Same and +32C. at finish.

An un-dramatic stage where Alexander improved further.
It was the last day together with Andrei from Omsk "Chebacka" long
distance running club.
It has been a pleasure to have his company and positive spirit during the
last 5 days; and we owe him a big thanks for keeping Alexander optimistic
through some agonizing stages!!

On the road today we met 2 european adventurer groups: 2 French cylists
from Brest and 3 German motorcylists on their way to Irkutsk and back(see
Had a quick roadside talk; we might meet them again when they return!
They had 1 day ago met the 4 american motorcyclists (Dennis Bishop from
Alabama, Mike from Seattle - I have forgot the other 2 names) that we met
two days ago.

M51 is beginning to be somewhat of an international meeting place: so far
we've met 1 italian biker, 2 german groups, 1 french and 1 american group
in 10 days.

The reason probably is that
1) its getting better travel weather than during our first part of the
russian running in snowy March and April and
2) M51 ("Magistrat 51" in russian) is the only highway - or way at all;-)
- to Irkutsk, Lake Baikal and eastwards.

So we probably will meet most of the other groups through Siberia this

And allthough I dont prefer too long stops during the daily running, it is
allways a happy moment when we hear news from "outside" and exchange
experiences from the long roads leading to and from Siberia :-)



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